Great Place. Great Food.

A Really Great Place to Eat In the City of camarillo

Vietnamese Cuisine and Bar


Discover the Great Atmosphere of Basil & Mint.

Our open spaces create a great vibe for you and your family and friends. Our unique restaurant and bar set up allow you to be free to move while taking in the amazing smells, and delicious tastes.

Good Vibes

Take in a game or news with our 3 TVs visible from anywhere in the restaurant.

Cozy Place

To make everyone entering the establishment feel at home
and find their atmosphere.

Relax Atmosphere

Take refuge in our exclusive asian haven of greenery and away from the crowds.

Our Menu

Get. Relax. Eat

Our Vietnamese Flavor Infused dishes

Crispy or soft fried egg noodles / mi xao gion
Veggies / Mushrooms / Chicken / Shrimp
Crispy or soft pan fried rice noodles / Pho Ap Chao
Veggies / Mushrooms / Chicken / Shrimp
Curry over Rice
Curry Stir Fry / Veggies / Choice of Chicken, Fish, or Tofu
Banh MI (Vietnamese Sandwich)
Toasted French Bread / Meat / Pickled Veggies / More…
Filet Mignon / Com Bo Luc LAc
Tangy, Sweet, Savory Sauce / Rice
Lemongrass Chicken / Ga xao xa ot
Zesty Sauce / Onions / Mushrooms / Rice
Basil Chicken / ga xao la que
Fresh Basil / Mushrooms / Onions / rice
House special fried rice / com chien dac biet
Chinese Sausage / Pork / Shrimp / Eggs / Onions / Pease

Signature Menu

Featured plates perfected from long time family recipes.


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